Monday, April 18, 2016

Puppy Play Date

The puppies had so much fun being outside this afternoon.  The highlight was the cat for sure, they just couldn't decide to play with it or run from it. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Puppy Hair Cuts

The puppies had their first outing to the groomer yesterday. 

Sugar- Sugar wasn't in the mood to have her picture taken after her exhausting day.  She has the most amazing coat and looks so much smaller with her schnauzer cut.

Spud-Spud looks like a handsome little gentleman with his haircut. 

Taffy (Lacy) Taffy's new owner has decided to call her Lacy.  They chose to not get the typical schnauzer cut so she just got a little trim. 

Snowie-Snowie was such a good boy at the groomers.  I love this little boys perfectly round face. 

Salty-Salty is such a cute little guy.  He has the cutest little features and a nice thick coat. 

Lolli (aka Roxi) was is such a little princess and enjoyed her beauty day at the spa. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

5 weeks old....

A lot has been going on around here this week.  The puppies have been exploring more and more and getting better at eating dog food.  They are very slowly being weaned from their mom and should be well on their way to eating only dog food within the next week.  It's amazing how messy six white puppies can be!!
They also got their first baths this week.  Bath day is my favorite.  I love to blow dry them and see how fluffy they are.  These guys did not disappoint.
Sugar-Sugar by far has the most hair of any of the puppies.  It was so much fun to blow dry this little marshmallow

Spud-Spud loved the blow dryer and just laid on his back while I worked on him.  It's amazing how tiny they seem when they are soaking wet.  Spud is the littlest puppy of the bunch.

Snowie-Snowie thought it was a game and kept trying to get the chord to my blow dryer.  Snowie has a thick fluffy coat and loves to play.

Taffy-Taffy loved the bath part and especially when I scrubbed her ears and neck.  She loves to be petted and loved on. 

Lolli-was a little princess and enjoyed being pampered.  She too has an amazing creamy coat. 
Salty - Salty was so much fun to blow dry.  He just laid there and enjoyed the warm air.  He has an amazing creamy coat like Lolli. 


The puppies also took a trip to the groomer today and I can't wait to show you those pictures. Tomorrow...


Thursday, April 7, 2016

4 weeks old!!

It's been puppy cuteness overload around here.  These little fluff balls are so cute and fun right now.  We ventured outside yesterday for some pictures and they are starting to explore and play.  They will be started on puppy food in the next few days and will get haircuts in about a week. 

Sugar - SOLD

This is our little Sugar Baby.  I cannot get over the hair on this sweet little girl.  She is so fluffy and silky.  She is going to have an absolutely gorgeous coat.  I am so excited for the wonderful home this special little girl has found.  I cannot wait to give her her first haircut and blow-dry.  Bath day is my favorite puppy day!!

Snowie, or Snowster as my 5 year old likes to call him is the funnest little guy.  He loves to play and have a good time.  Snowie is still looking for the perfect family to love and call his own.

Spud has the cutest little face.  He is one of the littlest puppies of the bunch.  Spud is the one my daughter always likes to play with and she's found that he loves to sleep on his back and if you scratch him under his chin his little foot goes crazy and starts to thump.  Spud is still looking for the perfect forever home.

Lolli is a precious little girl who's new name is going to be Roxi.  Lolli loves to cuddle and has a very soft and wavy extra thick coat. 

Salty is the littlest puppy of the bunch.  He has an amazingly thick coat and I think he will mature to be on the small side (10 pounds).  Salty is still looking for the perfect family to call his own.


Taffy is a little ball of fun.  She has the cutest round face and loves to snuggle.  Taffy has found a wonderful home and I am so excited to get updates on her and watch her grow.