Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Getting Pretty

The puppies all had their first baths and blow dries yesterday.  I love the little fluff ball pics.  After bath time it was off the groomers where some of them received their first hair cuts.  Betty (Dotty) is going to be left a little ball of fluff for a while at the request of her new owners and Rubble (Rudy) is going to get his haircut right before he leaves us next month. 







5 weeks old

The puppies are growing so fast, its hard to believe that some of them will be leaving us in another week or so.  The older they get the faster they get and the worse my pictures get.  They are always on the go.

This is MARSHALL, and he's our big cuddle bug.  Marshall has a really nice soft and thick coat and I'm guessing will mature to be around 12 pounds. Marshall is still available.

This little ball of fluff is BETTY.  Betty has a fantastic coat, which is super thick.  Betty will be joining a very special family with 7 kids to love and play with.  They have decided to call her Dotty, which fits her perfectly. 

This tiny little guy is RYDER.  Ryder is by far the smallest in the bunch but don't let his size fool you he's a rambunctious little guy who doesn't miss out on any of the fun.  Ryder has found the perfect family to love and will be joining them around Thanksgiving in Seattle, Washington.  We are so excited to keep in touch and get updates from his new family.

This is RUBBLE.  Rubble is also pretty small but hides it well under all that fluff.  Rubble will be an early Christmas present for some very lucky boys.  They will be calling him Rudy and his new puppy mommy can't wait to meet him. 

This pretty little girl is SKYE.  Skye has the thickest coat out of all the puppies and her coloring is beautiful, almost a creamy/tanish white.  Skye is still looking for a home. 

This bruiser is CHASE.  Chase has the cutest phantom markings and is quite the playful little guy.  Chase will be joining a family very close by and we are so excited for them.  They have chosen to call him Gus.

Chow Time!!

The pups took right to their puppy food.  It's amazing how messy white puppies can get.

4 weeks old...

I'm a little behind on my puppy updates.  These were the pups at 4 weeks old.

Marshall-still available 


Skye-still available


Ryder (Sold)

Betty (Dotty)


Sunday, October 23, 2016

3 weeks old

The puppies turned 3 weeks old this past Thursday.  Their little personalities are starting to show and we are having so much fun with them. 


This is Betty and she is darling.  She has the cutest markings and her daddy's extra thick coat.  I can't wait until she gets her haircut so you can really tell how thick this girls hair is.  Betty is still available. 


This is Chase and I just cant resist that face of his.  He is a beautiful black and silver with phantom markings.  Chase has found the perfect home not too far from our home.  He will be loved by three of the cutest little girls and their two big brothers.  They have decided to call him Gus, which I think fits him perfectly. 


This rolly-polly ball of fun is Marshall.  Marshall is a big cuddle bug and he is still available.

This precious little boy is Rubble.  He has a very nice thick coat and the cutest white markings on his chest, paws and chin.  He has found the perfect home with three boys to love.  He is going to be an early Christmas present and they have chosen to call him Rudy. 


Ryder is the littlest of the bunch.  His favorite spot to be is right on his mom's neck.  Ryder has a very nice thick coat and cute freckles on his nose that may or not fill in to be solid black.  Ryder is still available.


Skye is absolutely gorgeous.  She has a very thick and wavy coat and is more of a creamy color like her dad.  Skye is also still available.